Residence 9

Residence 9

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To widen your customer reach and appeal to heritage properties, opt for our trade supply of Flush Sash Residence 9 (R9) windows. They parallel traditional styles for the way they look, and outstrip them in terms of ease of maintenance and thermal and security performance – factors that make these systems hugely popular on the residential market and will help your business to thrive.

Market leading flush sash designs

  • Replicate historical designs – design that works within conservation guidelines
  • 9 chamber design and U value of 0.8 – impressive thermal performance, especially when combined with triple glazing
  • So energy efficient, capable of reaching Passivhaus standard!
  • Weatherbar/Mullion stiffener for increased authenticity and strength
  • Can incorporate Georgian Bars and authentic Cill detail
  • Easy Clean Fully Foiled Rebate, avoiding collection of dirt
  • Authentic Butt Hinges and other accessories available, including Monkey Tails
  • Accommodates 28mm Double or 48mm Triple Glazing
  • Colour options to complement existing property character
  • Made in Britain – quality assured
  • Ideal for cottages, town houses and period properties

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Appeal to the market

R9 windows use the same glass bonding technology as famous modern skyscrapers. This makes their strength suitable for even grand entrances or exceptional Bays. We also offer additional lock and hinge retention reinforcements – guaranteeing security for your customers and giving you the ability to widen the appeal and versatility of your installation services.

It is such benefits that will help you to widen your customer base – attracting those end users who want to combine function and style, rather than having to compromise.

In general, by supplying Residence 9, the luxury nine-chambered Window system from Eclectic Systems, Leeds Window Centre can help installers across the North break into the lucrative heritage market.

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