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Coloured window options

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Homeowners, architects, project managers and anyone updating a building or property needs to meet specific requirements, whether technical or creative. Our Windows meet high standards for security, aesthetics and energy efficiency (the latter of which is proved by their meeting of Passivhaus standards!)

To cater for virtually all tastes, the Windows from Leeds Window Centre are available in a wide range of colours or Woodgrain finishes. This makes it easy for homeowners to match the style of the property with their personality, or for commercial projects to have seamless styles that fit in with the area or building regulations.

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Offer a choice, increase your appeal

By choosing to install Coloured Window options from Leeds Window Centre, we can guarantee that you will please your customers. We offer the following:

  • Stylish standard options include White, Cream, Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey and Black
  • Woodgrain finishes including Rosewood, Irish Oak and Natural Oak
  • Options to match any RAL colour number
  • Dual colour options available, enabling your customer to match interior and exterior walls
  • Bespoke Coloured Window options from Rehau, including Claret Red, Brilliant Blue, Racing Green and Clotted Cream
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