Sealed Unit Supply

Sealed Unit Supply

To offer your customers the best possible products you probably want to find the best Sealed Unit supplies. Luckily those from Leeds Window Centre prioritise durability and energy efficiency, with all being rated ‘A+’ or ‘A+10’ for their WER (Window Energy Rating.)

Industry-leading Sealed Units with glass from Planitherm

We are able to supply Sealed Units using high performance glass from Planitherm, the UK’s leading energy-efficient glazing choice.

Planitherm total +:

This has been designed to benefit UK homeowners. Aimed to be the most energy efficient glass types on the UK market, this Sealed Unit helps to eliminate cold areas around Windows, making homes warmer and reducing your customers’ energy bills. It has a neutral coating that allows for natural light optimisation, helping you to offer light and bright window systems to your customers.

Planitherm one:

This Sealed Unit is a superior glass range designed to give customers advanced thermal insulation performance. The glass will help to keep homes warmer even on the coldest days, making selling points of year round comfort and the removal of draughts. This option is one of the UK’s leading low-E glass products, so is perfect for use in windows across the North and the rest of the UK.

Planitherm 4s:

This Sealed Unit offers thermal insulation glass coating for year round comfort and is perfect for use in Conservatories as it reflects unwanted heat from the outside whilst reducing the amount of internal heat lost. With such fantastic energy saving benefits, this option is a highly competitive options for discerning homeowners or commercial designers.

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