Patio & French Doors

Patio and French Doors

Meet the demands of customers by offering them market leading uPVC Patio and French Doors from Leeds Window Centre. As a trade based company, we offer fantastic options from Rehau and Smart Aluminium systems

Guaranteed quality from Rehau

Like all of their uPVC products, Rehau’s French and Patio Doors reduce noise, are low maintenance and improve the security and energy efficiency for retail users. Offering them to your customers could enhance your sales, all year round. They are designed with key innovative features:

  • Chamfered or Sculptured frame options
  • Suitable for modest and larger residential properties
  • Inward or outward opening configurations
  • Durable and robust – reduce risk of call outs
  • Incorporate latest hardware and furniture
  • French Doors fitted with Hook and Roller Locks
  • Multiple chambers for energy efficiency
  • Smooth roller track for easy operation on Patio style

Innovation from Smarts Aluminium

Smarts Systems offer a range of Aluminium Doors suitable for the architectural, commercial, public, new build and retail markets. As with our uPVC Patio and French Doors, our aluminium supply boasts impressive design features:

  • Slim lines and large glass area on Patio Doors
  • Can incorporate Deadlocks, Hook Bolts and other latest security features
  • Sidelight options for domestic and commercial applications
  • French suitable for even modest entrances
  • Polyamide Thermal Barrier for increased thermal insulation
  • Internally or Externally Beaded
  • Range of configurations and either style easy to install/use
  • Enhanced strength – Patio styles can incorporate Reinforced Glazing

Why choose Leeds Window Centre for your trade supply?

When supplied via Leeds Window Centre, you can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes that comply with all relevant British and/or European standards. Pass such factors on to your customers and you are sure to satisfy their demands.

Design flexibility and durability are key factors that project managers, architects, specifiers and homeowners alike can attain when they opt for French and Patio Door systems. Our entire trade supply boasts a combination of modern aesthetics, technical innovation and competitive pricing – offering our Patio and French Doors will therefore entice customers and help your business to grow.

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